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Our Story


Our Why...

We believe our food should be made of recognizable ingredients that best contribute to living healthy, happy lives.

No one should have to pull out a magnifying glass in the grocery store to comb through what’s in what we eat.

At AlmondBetter, we cut out preservatives and ingredients that commonly cause sensitivities in hopes of making it easier for you to eat better and live a happier, healthier life.

Our Roots...

As a busy marketing professional, our founder, Tori Odell, struggled for years to eat clean, healthy foods while balancing the craziness of work and life. 


In her final year of business school and after a decade of dabbling in the kitchen, she decided to bring one of her favorite creations to life in Cleveland, Ohio.

Combining Tori’s passion for food, wellness, and business, AlmondBetter was born.


Our Future...

Whether you’re vegan, diabetic, sensitive to certain foods, or just want to live a cleaner, healthier, tastier life, we want to create products with you in mind. 


With our entrepreneurial spirit and our passion for clean eating without compromising flavor, we hope to create products that make it easier for us all to live better lives.

AlmondBetter is available in Ohio, at the West Side Market, and select local farmers markets.

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